What Makes It Unique

A One-Of-A-Kind Design

Ice Cold Hits All Day

Chill is double-wall vacuum insulated to keep your ice solid and water super cold for hours.

Designed To Evolve

Chill's two piece design and threaded connection makes it easy to clean and change up your style.

Modern Materials

Chill is made of durable stainless steel, but has a ceramic interior that hits and cleans like glass.

Customers Love Chill

Don't Ask Us, Ask Them

Kymberly Byrnes

If you are tired of broken glass pieces - this is your solution.... BTW I'm now OBSESSED with ice cold bong hits!

Peter Mercado-Reyes

I was never one to buy a bong. Seen too much money shatter before my eyes for me to ever consider it a worthy investment. That changed with Chill. But Chill did more than deliver on being indestructible, it was customizable, easy to clean, and made the ice last longer.

Jenny Josslin

If you’re one of those people, like me, who always carries around an insulated unbreakable cup to stay hydrated then you need the bong equivalent. The Chill keeps your hits icy fresh, is the easiest bong I’ve ever cleaned and won’t break if anyone drops it. You’ll be reaching for it all the time!

Warren Bobrow

Each hit from the Chill is refreshing. Just like the first iced lemonade of the summer.

Jackie Bryant

I love my Chill because, first and foremost, I’m often smoking outside and being able to keep my water cold means I can enjoy it better for longer, even if it’s hot out. I also like it because it’s *different*… I have plenty of glass pieces, which I of course love, but this is just a sleek aesthetic change and I love the different metals and textures. My Chill is a standard in my bong rotation! I’ve convinced anyone who will listen to buy one.

Ishqa Hillman

I am in love with my pink glitterbomb Chill! Easy to use, easy to clean, and best of all no matter how inherently clumsy I am I can’t break it! I tell everyone it is the perfect travel bong, I bring mine to the beach and my friend loves taking hers camping. I am a sucker for functionality matched with great design and that is exactly what made me fall for Chill in the first place!

Russell Streit

Portable and affordable!  This is great for my on the go lifestyle. I also love how if I accidentally keep the ice in overnight, the next day it's usually still icy!  

Samantha Macias

Instantaneously from the first chilled rip, I knew I found my forever piece. A statement piece in my home, easy to clean, and chilled to perfection!

Justin Johnson

It hits as good as it looks and does exactly what it says: it keeps my water cold, it's easy to clean, and it's relatively indestructible.

Kait Caridi

I love my smoking out of my Rainbow glitter Chill! I’ve broken some beautiful glass pieces over the years & I’ll never have to part ways with my Chill She’s also super easy to take apart & clean! 🌈💋

J French

Made me believe in bongs again. I didn’t think I needed it, til I felt how smooth this was.